Friday, June 19, 2015

Not Another Bite

 Coming home from a breakfast meeting this morning, I was struck with the thought of spiritual starvation. We live in abundance but wither and faint for lack of substance. We are starving in the midst of a feast. Christians are experiencing a self-imposed hunger strike daily – Not of bread, meat and drink – On those we grow fat – But we deny ourselves the rich nourishment of God’s Holy Word.

As I drove home I listened to the Christian radio station. I noticed that there was a vast variety of tiny bites of Bible each packaged in sweetly dressed and quite appealing devotional messages – like going to a Tapas (small flavorful over-priced bites)  Restaurant for the soul. Medical professionals tell us to cut down on saturated fats and increase our intake of fiber to promote a heart healthy diet – Translating that to our spiritual condition we need more than beautifully arranged appetizers. We need a meal!  

(Ezekiel 3:1-4)

“Did y’ eat yet?”

The Master has set the table – Come and dine!

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